A Christmas Story actor, Peter Billingsley, has put an end to the controversy surrounding the holiday film "Die Hard."

The actor who played the role of Santa Claus in "A Christmas Story," Peter Billingsley, is presenting a compelling argument on the age-old question of whether or not "Die Hard" is a Christmas film.

In point of fact, his reasoning was so compelling that he was able to persuade Jan de Bont, the cinematographer for "Die Hard," who was also skeptical about the topic, that the action movie starring Bruce Willis should be considered a Christmas classic despite the fact that it was released in the middle of summer.

"Is it possible for us to have a constructive discussion? Would it be possible for us to present the case to you as to why it is a Christmas movie? In a recent episode of his podcast titled "A Cinematic Christmas Journey," Billingsley made the proposal to de Bont of his relationship.

Billingsley begins by stating that the movie is framed by two significant songs that are related to the holiday season. The music "Christmas in Hollis" by Run DMC is played at the beginning of the movie, which Billingsley describes as "a great Christmas song." The song "Let it Snow!" by Vaughn Monroe, which is a Christmas classic, is played at the conclusion of the credits.

He continues by saying that the film takes place mostly at a Christmas party and that "production design put Santas everywhere." Then there's the scene where John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) "decorates the dead body and puts it into an elevator," which Billingsley calls the "iconic 'ho ho ho' moment."

"To conclude, though, I will tell you this," Billingsley informed de Bont. "Absolutely crucially, in my opinion, it personifies the Christmas principles of tolerance, pardon, love, and family."

As de Bont concedes their point, Billingsley and his co-host Steve Byrne celebrate with laughter and joy in an Instagram video.

"Die Hard" (starring Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, and the late Alan Rickman) debuted in July 1988 and tells the story of a New York City police officer who, on the eve of Christmas, tries to rescue hostages held captive at a holiday party by a terrorist gang.

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