A high-end subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, the Maybach brand

Maybach automobiles are known for their exquisite and potent engines. Engine options might range from V8 to V12, depending on the model.

Capabilities of high performance with silky acceleration and first-rate handling. Exceptional ride quality and comfort provided by state-of-the-art suspension systems.

Usually paired with a high-tech automatic gearbox.

Luxurious, meticulously constructed interiors using only the finest materials. Superior audio systems and enormous infotainment screens are examples of the cutting-edge technological amenities. The cabin is furnished with high-end materials and features luxury amenities like massage chairs and ambient lighting.


Interior characteristics can be extensively customized. There is a possibility that there will be executive rear seating arrangements with more luxurious amenities.

The most recent innovations in safety technology, such as sophisticated systems to aid drivers. Stability control, several airbags, and other safety features.



– Advanced infotainment systems with touchscreens, navigation, and connectivity features. – High-end audio systems, often from renowned brands.Stability control, several airbags, and other safety features.


A hallmark of Maybach design, this model exudes refined class. Authentic Maybach exterior trim and badging.


Extra legroom for passengers in the back is a common feature of Maybach models, which are often longer than average vehicles.

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