After wearing Jake Peavy's jersey on 'SNL', Billie Eilish gives son 'great street cred'

We don't know why pop singer Billie Eilish wore a Jake Peavy jersey during the "Saturday Night Live" goodbyes, but the former Chicago White Sox pitcher is glad she did.

"I'm gonna reach out, I come in peace," Peavy told Matt Monagan of "I wanna sign a jersey for her."

Does Billie like the White Sox? Could she not get enough of Peavy's devastating slider on the mound?

Maybe she liked black and silver? At concerts and gatherings, she loves wearing sports jerseys.

Whatever happened, Peavy's phone exploded after SNL. Despite winning back-to-back World Series with different clubs and a Cy Young Award, the reception was unlike anything he'd ever witnessed.

The fact that his 15-year-old son, Judd, liked this baseball/pop culture crossover makes Peavy feel cooler.

 gave me huge street cred in my household and throughout the next generation," said Peavy. "Us in the MLB world are appreciative of what she does."

Cool with teens? Wait till Peavy unveils his crazy catch.

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