detail the features of the Tesla Model S  

Depending on the year model and any changes made by Tesla, the Tesla Model S characteristics can vary. You should check the information for the particular model year of the Tesla Model S that interests you, but here are some general specs:

Acceleration: Some variants of the Tesla Model S can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in a few of seconds, and the car is famous for its lightning-fast acceleration. Top Speed: The Model S is typical of Tesla vehicles in that it has a high top speed.

Depending on the battery configuration, the Model S's range can vary. Tesla provides a variety of battery options, with some combinations offering a range of 370 miles or more on a single charge.

A variety of battery pack combinations are available for the Model S, including Long Range and Plaid. High performance and rapid acceleration are hallmarks of the Plaid model.


Faster Charging: Tesla's Supercharger network is available to Model S owners. The charging infrastructure in use determines the charging times.

There have been variants of the Model S with an optional third row of seats, but the standard configuration can accommodate five adults. For your entertainment and control needs, the Model S has a big touchscreen display.



The Autopilot system, which provides high-tech driver assistance capabilities, is standard on all Tesla vehicles. More sophisticated autonomous driving capabilities are available with the optional Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability.


The aerodynamic and streamlined architecture of the Model S helps explain its remarkable performance and range.


Many Tesla models, including the Model S, have excellent safety ratings and come standard with cutting-edge safety equipment.

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