During your periods, the most efficient form of physical activity to engage in is that which

Periods are messy. Monthly menstruation symptoms including upset stomach, bloating, exhaustion, cramps, and headache might be too much. Your only desire during that time of the month is to lay in bed and drink coffee.

The majority of women forego exercise during this period. Periods shouldn't be an excuse to skip workouts. Physical activity may minimize period pain. High-intensity activities might be difficult, but there are other options for your health.

Period symptoms occur a week early. Women are weary, angry, and have trouble motivating themselves to go to the gym. During this period, you can ease down and try Pilates or running instead of rigorous cardio.

Periods shouldn't stop you from exercising. You may feel down and have cramps, but you should exercise. Be careful and don't push yourself.

Do not do HIIT or belly workouts when menstruation. These workouts stress your gut, which is not good when your reproductive system is busy. Keep things light.

Running or walking: Walking is a low-intensity workout. If you don't want to do anything intense, take a short walk outside. This will boost your mood and burn calories. After period cramps, you can run.

Pilates: Pilates targets certain muscular areas and helps during periods. You may adjust the workouts to your needs and fitness. Some pilates moves might relieve lower back discomfort.

Yoga: Stretching and breathing activities might help during menstruation. Certain yoga positions improve blood circulation and relieve period discomfort.

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