Exercises that are low-impact and help you burn a significant number of calories for weight reduction

High-impact activities are recommended for burning plenty of calories. High-intensity exercises promote bone density, stability, heart, and lung health.

In order to burn fat from the body, the majority of people who are trying to lose weight choose to engage in high-intensity and high-speed workouts such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), push-ups, and skipping.

Low-impact activities are often overlooked. You don't always need to stress to burn calories. Low-impact workouts can burn many calories and help you lose weight. Here are 5 low-impact workouts that burn lots of calories.

Yoga isn't just about stress relief and flexibility. But this low-impact activity may both build muscle and burn calories. There are several yoga styles. You may burn 400 calories per hour doing power yoga.

Aqua Zumba is great for weight loss and toning. Zumba is safer, lower-impact, and gentler on your knees and joints than hard floor dancing. Beyond that, Aqua Zumba is terrific cardio and muscle training. This 45-minute low-intensity exercise burns 350 calories.

Although the most misused gym equipment, rowing machines are helpful in toning and losing weight. For desk workers, rowing is great exercise. It improves posture and spinal health. Rowing for 45 minutes burns 333 calories.

If you like swimming, it can help you lose weight and become in shape. Swimming improves cardiovascular health and muscular growth. Start slowly and increase timing. 45 minutes of swimming burns 330 calories.

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