Foods That Keep You Full For Longer While Still Being Healthy

 No one is safe when these powerful feelings of hunger and rage strike. To avoid hanger-induced tantrums, I have a kitchen full of healthful, nourishing items on hand.

Look for protein- and fiber-rich foods. Eggs and nuts provide protein to satisfy. High-fiber meals like beans and spinach slow digestion, keeping you full and reducing blood sugar swings.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the greatest weight loss snacks. It has reduced sugar and twice the protein of ordinary yogurt. Very rich and creamy, it feels like a delight. Put some in your smoothie or add berries to a cup of it.


Beans of any kind energize the day. Black, pinto, and navy beans are abundant in protein and fiber. Blend them for soup or add rinsed beans to your salad. One tiny modification can help you lose weight: eating more fiber.


Avocado is one of the healthiest filling foods, whether spread over toast or served with chips and salsa. Avocado's fiber, protein, and healthy fats keep you full for hours and make a delightful snack. It can give you days of lovely skin!

So many of your favorite sweets can be made healthier with cauliflower. Low-carb cauliflower recipes like cheesy breadsticks or creamy soup add nutrition without fat. You may eat a lot of cauliflower to fill up because it's heavy in water and low in calories.



Apples are strong in fiber and pectin, which slows digestion and gives you a feeling of fullness. They're portable too. Because apples take time to consume, they allow your body to feel full and notify your brain to stop eating. Take an apple on your way out or make roasted apple salad for dinner.

Chia Seed

Some things are finest in small packages. Though little, a spoonful of chia seeds can fill you up for hours. These tiny seeds are high in protein and fiber and expand when wet, filling your stomach. Add some to your morning yogurt or smoothie.

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