Here are five frequent errors that individuals make when performing crunches for weight loss.

Fitness aficionados, especially those seeking six-pack abs, love crunches for a reason. It's one of the best abdominal and posture workouts.

Beyond that, it's a great workout for flexibility and endurance. But only executing this exercise correctly will maximize its benefits.

If you do this exercise improperly, it will not have the same impact. Therefore, here are five things that the majority of individuals do wrong when they crunch.

While doing crunches, make sure not to hold your breath. Holding your breath prevents oxygen from reaching your muscles, causing them to tense up and hurt. So, while you're at the bottom, take a big breath in and gently exhale through your lips as you rotate your body.

You may cause yourself a lot of pain by pulling your neck with your hand while you climb. Without this, you won't have enough resistance to work your abs. You need to use your core muscles for this workout since it targets your abs especially. Instead of bending over, try lifting your chest.

Don't rush. After hearing that slow and steady wins the race, do crunches that way. Hold the position at the top and bottom for a time. If you're rushing to complete, this exercise won't help. Control your movement with breathing. Quick workouts won't tone and shape your physique.

Just elevate your shoulder 2-3 inches above the floor. Crunches should not be done too high. This workout is less beneficial if you push yourself too high.

Keep your spine neutral to maximize this exercise without straining your back. If you arch your back, you may not be engaging your core.

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