Horoscope Today For Every Zodiac Sign


As twilight approaches, expect intense discussions and emotional reckonings about inequality in relationships and work. Moon's square to Pluto warns against anger. Explore intimacy and shared resources to strengthen bonds and reduce conflict to start the night.


Routine imbalances cause tensions that impede personal growth. Recognise your power to change despite the Moon's square to Pluto. Use meaningful relationships to relieve emotional stress as the night progresses.


Secret personal issues can cause explosive emotions. Restraint is needed to avoid family inheritance or personal revelation harm. Self-care and introspection can help you weather the emotional storm as the Moon enters Scorpio.


Emotions run high in family and relationship circles at home. Mindfulness and introspection before responding can reduce defensiveness. The night encourages you to evaluate your relationships and whether they match your goals.


The delicate work-life balance unravels, causing frustration. Recognise the Moon's square to Pluto's vulnerability and consider adjustments. Prioritise self-care at night to recharge.


Financial sensitivities may affect your ability to enjoy worthwhile experiences. Avoid misdirecting frustrations. Deepen your conversations as the night goes on.


Personal reflections arise from family identity emotions. Avoid impulsive behaviour despite heightened sensitivity. With the moon in the 2nd House, reflect on what matters most.


Misunderstanding grows, requiring careful navigation. As the Moon enters your 1st House, avoid impulsive actions and practise self-care. Spend time introspecting to release emotions and promote well-being.


Pressure to keep up with friends and coworkers increases, along with emotions. Avoid financial stress and focus on real connections. Write about your feelings in the quiet of the night.


Work-related stress can lead to rash decisions. Write down your feelings instead of making snap decisions. Find comfort in trusted friends when the Moon enters your 11th House.


As biases emerge, confront deep-seated beliefs. Avoid defensiveness and accept criticism. Your transformative nature guides you—accept change rather than defend old beliefs.


Kept secrets may require a composed response. Avoid conflicts and distractions by staying calm. Philosophise throughout the night to focus on personal growth.

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