How to get rid of hickeys in a short amount of time after having strong sexual activity

The sense of tingling and lightheadedness that you get the next morning might be a direct result of having a night filled with intense love and sex.

Strong sex causes hickeys! They may appear like a love mark from your lover, but they may be irritating and bothersome, especially the ones around your neck that your acquaintances are now interested in! Many people wish hickeys would go away immediately. Here are several hickey-removal methods.

When the hickey forms, press your fingers. If you apply pressure, blood will likely circulate. If blood stops collecting, the hickey will appear better. Lighter, smaller, and less intense. This will immediately prevent the hickey from growing, but it won't vanish.

This is a frequent and clever hickey-fixing method. Let a spoon chill in the fridge for a few minutes. Press the cool spoon on the hickey. This strategy is popular and effective.

Although toothpaste has many additional benefits, it is also a good hickey remover. Circularly rub toothpaste on the region and leave it overnight. Repeat this twice or thrice a day to fade the hickey faster.

A powerful disinfectant, this natural substance can minimize hickey intensity. Slowly and circularly rub the gel on the region twice a day. An improvement will be seen where the hickey was reported.

This fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that reduces swelling and irritation. Pineapple relieves hickeys just because they are swelling. Apply pineapple slices to the skin 4–5 times a day. However, this acidic fruit may irritate if applied frequently.

Furthermore, because it is an acidic fruit, it has the potential to irritate the skin if it is applied more frequently than it should be.

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