In 2024, Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas will be back, according to Woody Johnson.

At season's conclusion, the Jets will not be making any significant organizational changes.

Despite the Jets' 13th straight postseason failure, owner Woody Johnson has confirmed that head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas will remain

Since bringing on Saleh before the 2021 season, the Jets have gone 16-32. Since bringing on Douglas in 2019, the team has gone 25-55.

The Jets' quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a major offseason acquisition, but he tore his Achilles tendon on Week 1's fourth offensive play, and since then, the team's performance has plummeted, leading to a 5-9 record

 Johnson blamed the quarterback for the current situation and Rodgers strongly backed Saleh and Douglas earlier in the week.

Telling New York Post reporter Brian Costello, "My decision is to keep them." Johnson made the announcement. In my opinion, we have made some really encouraging progress. Team morale is much higher now. I prefer the defense. 

 The attack is missing several key components.... As long as Aaron and the rest of our crew remain consistent, we should be OK. A quarterback is necessary, as I mentioned a year ago. Just for four plays, we had a quarterback. No one has been able to step in to replace him since then. It simplifies things for everyone if our quarterback is good. The receivers and the line both benefit from it.

The fate of the team's assistant coaches, including offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, were not addressed by Johnson, so Saleh and Douglas will have a lot of ground to cover when they discuss their plans for the 2024 season.

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