In response to a question on their first encounter, Jonathan Owens stated, "I didn't know who she was at the time." Section 2

The moment that Owens and Biles were out in public and a throng stared at Biles in wonder was the moment that Owens knew that Biles was "the real deal."

Owens stared with his mouth slightly agape as he spoke. "It was all these mothers, and they were there with their children, and we walked by, and everybody stopped and just —" he continued.

He stated, "Kids were just shaking, like, 'Oh, my God,'" and added that he was a little shocked when individuals present requested him to take their photo with Biles. "Oh, my God," he remarked.

Throughout the course of the talk, the hosts of the show made many jokes about Owens being the athlete in the relationship who was on the lower end of the celebrity scale.

When Clark made a joke about Biles being the "lucky" one since she "took a chance" and landed Owens, Biles responded by saying that she was being "lucky."

"We were a match. I was the very first person to send a message. As soon as I clicked, I thought to myself, "Oh, I like him." It was a perfect fit. Now, it appears that he had previously liked my profile... Biles said, "I didn't feel any fear."

The individual in question is an absolute safety. When Crowder made the statement, he was referring to Biles and saying, "But he will never be as good as a safety as this little motherf------ is as a gymnast."

It was her statement that "you know what, he might." Because I just stated the other day, "You know what, in a couple of years nobody is going to call him Simone Biles' husband," and I will explain why I said that. They are going to refer to me as Jonathan Owens' wife.

"He would say I slid into his DMs," she added back then. I greeted him because I thought, "Oh, he's pretty cute."We began conversing once I noticed he was in the Houston area; after a week or two, we met up for a hangout. 

Owens was subject to online criticism when the "Pivot" podcast episode gained traction. One segment of the discussion had Clark implying that he was the "catch" when the couple first started dating, to which Owens responded, "I always say the men are the catch."

A reviewer commented on an old Instagram photo of Owens from his wedding day, writing, "You'd better be giving that woman a sincere apology because that interview you just did was absolutely disgusting." The photo was posted months ago.

"Your spouse is a globally recognized athlete with a vast following, possessing both physical attractiveness and an energetic personality. She deserves a partner who will wholeheartedly adore her, support her achievements, and never feel envious of her remarkable career," the individual remarked.

"It is necessary for you to acknowledge and rectify the remarks you made during that podcast, and return to express admiration and praise for your wife, as your previous comments were inappropriate," said another individual.

Owens could have been responding to his detractors when, on December 21, he shared wedding images from the couple on Instagram with the caption, "Unbothered 😂❤️." The message ended with a "just know we locked in over here" and a "fingers crossed" emoji.

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