Increasing your hand speed for martial arts may be accomplished with the aid of these three routines.

It does not matter whether style of martial arts you are training in—whether it be Taekwondo, Judo, or Karate—the quickness of your hands is an essential component.

It is necessary to be able to unleash a number of attacks in a short amount of time in order to achieve mastery in the discipline of martial arts. This is done in order to prevent your opponent from having the opportunity to react or reply.

Time is the only thing that can bring about perfection, but practice is what makes you better. Therefore, in order to improve your hand mobility, below are three essential types of workouts that you may perform.

You will only need to use your own bodyweight to do this powerful workout, which has the potential to assist you in developing your strength, speed, and levels of fitness.

When it comes to training the fast-twitch muscle fibers of the body, which are necessary for activities that include strength, speed, and power, plyometric workouts are regarded to be ideal.

Maintaining a straight back, bring your elbow and body closer to the ground while lowering them gently until your chest is in close proximity to the earth.

Practicing with speed bags helps improve timing and hand-eye coordination, as well as the ability to respond rapidly. Not only does punching quickly make you quicker, but it also makes you more precise.

Increase your punching strength with resistance band punching. Punching with resistance bands makes your muscles stronger and faster. Immediately notice the speed difference while punching without bands.

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