Jonathan Owens Is "Not Bothered" by Criticism Over His Claims to Be Simone Biles' "Catch" (Part 2)

"I always say that the men are the catch," Owens stated when asked whether he thinks he is the "catch" in his relationship with Biles. He also mentioned that he was "fighting" against his natural reluctance to commit at that time.

The way I feel is, 'It's sort of early.' But you should know that it occurs when you are least expecting it to. Whenever we got together, we were able to get along like a glove. It was a night filled with laughter," he remarked.

Furthermore, he was captivated by Biles' response on who she regards to be her most formidable rival (spoiler alert: herself), and he stated that he truly understood the influence she had on him while they were out on a Sunday at a well-known cookie shop.

"It was all of these mothers, and they were there with their children, and as we walked by, everyone stopped and just stood there," an individual said. Owens reported that the children were trembling and saying things like, "Oh my God."

A post that Owens made on Instagram on Thursday evening appeared to be a response to criticism that was directed against his comments, which was made after the airing of the podcast episode.

On the day of his wedding, he shared photographs of himself and his bride, who were in a state of love. Additionally, he included a few casual photographs, in which he said, "Unbothered 😂❤️ Know that we have secured our position over here 🤞🏽.

Biles not only shared his picture on her own Instagram Story, but she also posted a supportive remark on the grid post that her husband had made.

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