Kerr's response to Shaq's Curry offer is fascinating.

Steph Curry's place among NBA greats is a topic of ongoing controversy.

The debate was revived after Shaquille O'Neal asked on "Inside the NBA" after the Warriors' 132-126 overtime win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday at Chase Center. Curry supporters and detractors were buzzing.

I wonder... I'm simply curious because he's been the top shooter his whole career. Is it time to call him the greatest player ever?" O'Neal asks. O'Neal was quickly criticized and asked by fellow broadcaster Kenny Smith if Curry was a better all-time player

Yes. Much better. Sure, "O'Neal said. "That makes him my favorite player. Playing 20 years, watching 20 before. Never seen a man like him. Consistently and with championships. I'm not placing him anyplace; is it time to include him in the chatter? Is it time to start calling him one of the finest players ever, fans?"

On Wednesday, Warriors coach Steve Kerr appeared on 95.7 The Game's "Willard and Dibs" to address O'Neal's comments and deliver a compelling response.

I adore that. Is he the best player ever? Kerr asks. "There are many methods to determine who's best and most gifted. You can consider size, length, athleticism, inside, outside, etc.

I consider Steph the best basketball player I've seen. There's nobody like him in shooting, ball-handling, shooting from distances, finishing in the lanes, rhythm, and fluidity. I've never seen a baller like Steph Curry."

Curry's NBA career may be called the 'greatest','most skillful', or'most impactful'. Curry deserves to be in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, whichever you define it.

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