Lucky Plants to Fill Your New House with Good Vibes. (Part-2)

Basil is said to offer luck, protection, and positivity.

For its medicinal capabilities, aloe vera is thought to bring luck, protection, and positive energy.

With its associations with recollection and affection, rosemary is thought to bring luck and positivity to a home.

Represents longevity, happiness, and luck. Chrysanthemums are connected with positivity.

Other bamboo kinds are said to provide luck and positive energy, including fortunate bamboo.

Thyme is associated with boldness, protection, and luck.

Marigolds symbolize happiness, luck, and energy due to their brilliant hues.

Lucky plants are culturally significant, but they must be properly cared for to thrive. Greenery and nature indoors can also boost positivity and vibrancy.

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