piercings that are not only personalized but also customized according to your sign of astrology

When you get a tattoo, you want something permanent on your skin for life. Tattooing is special and everyone wants it perfect. Are you aware that tattoos and zodiacs are linked? Astrologers say each zodiac sign has a unique tattoo style.


Aries natives are full of life and spirit, always up for an adventure, and ruled by Mars, the planet of action. They could get an arrow tattoo since they are very directional.


As Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, a little heart tattoo would be a lovely addition to their body art. They are grounded and uncomplicated individuals, which is why their tattoos feature leaves to reflect that. Rose vine, flower wreath, tree, and nickname tattoos are some more options that might fit their character.


Geminis, the twins, may receive many tattoos. A ying-yang tattoo suits chirpy Geminis' dual temperament. Bird tattoos work well because of their energy. Geminis can have feather, wing, and branch tattoos.


Cancerians who cherish family should get a family tattoo. Anchor tattoos are perfect because of its solidity and peace-loving attitude. Roman numerals, patriotic motifs, and heartbeat tattoos are also beneficial for Cancerians.


Leos, born leaders, enjoy power tattoos. Thus, lion, crown, or scepter tattoos suit them. Grand Leos love dramatic tattoos over simple ones. Orange and red tattoos with prominent lines are other options for Leos.


Geometric tattoos with intricacy suit disciplined Virgos. Minimalist mountain tattoos suit Virgos' shyness and simplicity. A bee tattoo will fit Virgos' active nature.


Libras, the smartest, prefer tattoos with elaborate designs like flowers and swans. Small phrases or cursive words might beautify the tattoo. Libras, known for their love, might get their partner's name tattooed.


Scorpios, the most passionate, prefer mysterious and erotic tattoos. They will acquire a tattoo that represents their past or future. The secretive Scorpios might get rose, phoenix, or scorpion tattoos.


Tattoos featuring longitude/latitude coordinates suit Sagittarians' adventurous nature. They can also get globe or map tattoos to show their passion of travel. Religious symbols and nation outlines can be tattooed on free-spirited Sagittarians.


The most serious and grounded Capricorns prefer elegant geometric tattoos with precise lines. Business-minded and realistic folks love one-word motivational tattoos. Minimalist Capricorns prefer clean lines and basic triangles.


Aquarians, being the most distinctive, may get their tattoo last minute. They'll probably get a constellation or mandala tattoo to do something unique. Fox, short phrases, and moon tattoos are special for Aquarians.


Pisces, magnetic and free-spirited, may get ocean waves tattooed. Unicorn tattoos suit Pisceans' dreamlike world and butterfly-like freedom.

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