Plants that are known to attract negative energy. (Part-1)

It's important to note that plants attracting negative energy is mostly cultural and spiritual beliefs, not science.

Here are some plants associated with negative energy in various cultural or spiritual contexts:

Feng Shui advises against indoor cacti, especially those with sharp thorns, due to their bad energy.

Bamboo: Many cultures consider bamboo lucky, although some warn against bringing it inside since it may attract negative energy.

Some belief systems consider dried flowers to have negative energy and therefore not be used for interior decorating.

According to certain traditions, the Mimosa Pudica plant is sensitive to negative energy and may close its leaves.

Yew (Taxus spp.): Some cultures consider yew trees unlucky due to their link with cemeteries and toxicity.

Oleander (Nerium oleander): Some cultures equate oleander with negative energy since it is toxic.

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