Rams legend Matthew Stafford

Numerous outstanding quarterbacks have played with the Los Angeles Rams

This evening, only Matthew Stafford, the current starter, completed something no one else had done before.

During the Amazon Prime broadcast, it was mentioned that Stafford has now gone four games without an interception while throwing for two touchdowns or more. No quarterback in Rams history has ever done that before him.

Against the Saints, he threw for 328 yards as well. This is his best performance since beating Seattle in Week 1.

With the Saints scoring two touchdowns in the final seconds, the Rams' 30-22 triumph—which looked like a blowout until then—gave them their fifth win in six games.

It made New Orleans' playoff chances much more questionable and greatly improved Los Angeles' chances of making the playoffs.

Assuming they make the cut, the Rams will pose a serious threat. They might be the sole NFC squad capable of stealing a game in San Francisco. Assuming Stafford maintains his current level of play, which is efficient, sharp, decisive, and healthy, it may happen.

Since a more competitive and interesting playoffs is likely to result from the top teams advancing, we should all root for them to do so. No matter who they play, the Rams appear to be in a good position to accomplish just that.

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