Report: Michigan offers Jim Harbaugh a 2024 no-NFL deal.

Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are playing Let's Make A Deal!, and Harbaugh may be waiting to see what's beyond Door No. 2.

According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, Michigan has offered Harbaugh a 10-year, $125 million contract. One catch. He cannot work in the NFL in 2024.

This "far shorter" $11 million-per-year contract is offered to Harbaugh, whose current contract extends until 2026.

 Whether the pact contains a 2024 no-NFL provision is unknown.

Despite the coaching carousel not starting for two weeks, Harbaugh has likely received back-channel signals from clubs that may soon have openings. He may have heard from the Chargers, Raiders, or Panthers.

Harbaugh, who coached the 49ers from 2011 to 2014, should quietly consider his NFL alternatives before signing a deal that locks him out until 2024. Why not vow not to go if he's not going?

This offseason and last, Harbaugh has been interviewed for NFL positions. He interviewed for the Vikings in Minnesota in 2022. Broncos owner Greg Penner interviewed Harbaugh in Michigan last year.

According to reports, Harbaugh coveted the Chargers job last year. Chargers employment was not vacated. Yes, this year. The Chargers and Harbaugh should meet.

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