Six behaviors that can assist identify whether or not you are someone's top priority

Being someone's top priority is a normal human emotion, and people should realize that. When two individuals develop deep relationships, it's only natural for one of them to want to take center stage in the other's life.

Unfortunately, it's often a sign that you aren't important to other people when they don't return your sentiments. Our goal is to spare you more pain by providing you with some steps to take in order to find out whether someone values you.

A red flag would be if they are always making up reasons why they can't attend social events with you. Additionally, you could discover that they consistently postpone or cancel arrangements with you until the last possible moment, which can be really frustrating. If someone truly cares about you, they will always find a way to spend time with you.

Your partner's reluctance to introduce you to their closest friends and family may be an indication that they are unsure about your role in their lives. Showing you off to their best friends or even their closest friends suggests that you aren't essential to them.

You should probably just accept that your spouse doesn't care if you're too chicken to phone or contact them every time an emergency arises. In times of need, your spouse should be by your side, offering counsel and support regardless of the severity of the situation.

My partner may only talk to me when I publish tales and photographs on social media. That may sound unusual because relationships should be maintained by messages and calls, not comments and likes on photographs. This means your partner doesn't want to chat everyday.

If you end a battle to avoid exhaustion, your partner may do the same. Relationships involve conflicts and fights that require communication and understanding. If your spouse never has a meaningful conversation and always agrees to terminate the conflict early, they don't care.

In such cases, your spouse will talk about their promotion or go on a trip with pals the next day! You may be the last to know about their big life events since they accidentally said them. They don't consider you significant enough to report.

Prioritizing someone takes time and effort. If someone values you, they won't take you for granted or hide their sentiments.

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