Six women discuss the ways in which their marriages evolved after they had children.

Couples might have their most joyous time when they have children. However, having a kid alters life for a couple since raising a child is hard and can strain the relationship. It may unite or divide the pair.

Due to their efforts to raise a child, couples' struggles greatly impact their relationship. Due to this, we present 6 ladies who discuss how having children affected their marriages.

So intent on being my son's mother, I forgot what it was like to be Amrita. The activities my kid was involved in and how I might improve his day consumed my day. I adore him, but I was losing myself, which irritated my husband and caused more fights.”

Before I had my 4-year-old, my husband and I went on dates at least once every two weeks. It has been months since we had a fancy supper together, so I miss it. Not even with his grandparents, our boy stays with us.”

Since having our son, my husband and I have seldom gotten intimate. My post-pregnancy figure, with loose skin and stretch marks, makes me uneasy. I shouldn't feel awful, but I can't help it."

My spouse and I have survived without slamming each other. Daughter has strengthened our closeness. I sometimes think being best friends helped us through marriage, pregnancy, and postpartum.

We're too fatigued to converse or spend time together. I study with my two kids in the evenings after working all day. By nighttime, I'm so fatigued that my spouse and I have forgotten how to have fun!"

“I sometimes think my husband dislikes me for spending all my time with our kids. I haven't seen him since we had kids, but he shouldn't blame me. Someone must raise them, right?"

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