The 7 Healthiest Practices of an Ex-Pro Bodybuilder

Who better to turn to than a professional who knows how to build strength and muscle for a fit, happy body? Eat This, Not That! interviewed BIOptimizers president and former bodybuilding champion Wade Lightheart to uncover his best healthy habits.


Learning deep breathing to activate your body's relaxation response and reduce tension is crucial. It also relaxes your brain, reducing cortisol production.

Practicing deep breathing

Performing weight and cardio training

Lightheart lives for five to six intense weightlifting and cardio workouts a week. Regular, intense exercise helps me manage stress, improves heart function, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improves blood circulation. It also boosts metabolism.

Staying hydrated with filtered water 

Another healthy habit Lightheart follows is drinking three to six liters of ionized, well-filtered water daily. Reduced water, or alkalized, lowers osmotic pressure, making it easier for cells to absorb "Lightheart says. It's an electrical antioxidant better than veggies, fruit, and supplements and eliminates bottled water plastics and xenoestrogens.

Maximizing digestion 

Probiotics, HCL, and dietary-specific enzymes improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

Exposing skin and eyes to sunshine 

Morning sunlight, especially on the skin and eyes, can benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Lightheart shows you may start small and get sun. This combined with eating fresh, sunlight-grown foods is potent.

Maintaining a systemized routine 

Keeping a daily routine planned is sensible. This includes supplements, food, exercise, and sleep.

Working toward a goal

Finally, Lightheart has a compelling aim to pursue. He recommends engaging with a coach or trained expert to stay on track and provide feedback to productively attain your goals.

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