The Best Plants for Positive Energy in Feng Shui.

Ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui argues that the placement and selection of objects in your home can improve energy flow, or "chi," and your well-being.

Represents luck, prosperity, and positivity. Feng Shui uses it to bring riches and luck.

Known to bring fortune. The money plant's spherical leaves resemble coins, symbolizing wealth.

Jade, often known as the "money tree" or "lucky plant," symbolizes luck, prosperity, and positivity.

Snake plants are said to absorb bad energy and promote positivity by cleansing the air. It's usually at a home's entryway for safety.

Signifies healing and safety. Aloe vera is thought to repel bad energy and attract positive energy.

Peaceful, pure, and harmonious. A peace lily is thought to purify the air and bring great energy.

Bamboo, which symbolizes luck and good fortune, is employed in Feng Shui to attract positive energy and repel bad influences.

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