The five most efficient abdominal workouts for weight loss as well as building a strong core

Most people think core workouts are for six-pack abs. Strong core muscles are needed for everyday tasks like carrying children and putting away groceries, as well as toning abs. Our core muscles let us stand or sit without falling, making core workout the most vital.

Most folks speed through abdominal workouts to finish quickly. However, this shifts strain to the lower back, legs, and neck. What matters is how well you do it, not how many times. To maximize core workout effects, move slowly and steadily.

Lay on your back with straight legs. Hands beside your side. Lift your legs straight to the ceiling until your butt is off the floor. Lower your legs slowly. Take your legs up again after 2-3 seconds.

Slow, controlled leg movement. Slow leg movement tightens your physique. Try to activate your core during this workout. You'll avoid stressing your hip flexors and low back with this workout.

Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet planted. Put both hands behind your ears without straining your neck. Raise your upper body to your knees. Do not forget to exhale. Return to your starting location by softly lowering yourself after 2-3 seconds. Take in air while you descend.

Sit with your knees bent and feet planted. Hold hands beside hips. Lift your legs slowly from the group so your weight is on your butt and hands. Slowly stretch and retract your legs near your chest.

Sit butt-down with knees bent and feet flat. Flex your back 45 degrees. Lift your feet slightly above the ground and cross your ankles while holding a dumbbell or kettlebell. Balance your body on your butt. Try to contact the ground with your dumbbell while twisting your torso right. Now twist your body left to repeat.

Bring your arms above while lying down. Keep your hands near your ears. Lift both legs to the ceiling and your arms off the floor. The should be perpendicular to your body. Return gently after holding this stance.

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