There are five yoga poses that are particularly good for keeping a healthy heart.

The human heart continues pumping blood around the body even while we're asleep. Better care of this organ is essential since it pumps blood throughout the body and is thus the most important organ.

Sedentary lifestyle, diet, and stress can disrupt heart function and raise cardiovascular risk. Yoga is a great heart-healthy activity in this situation. A daily yoga practice helps keep your heart healthy.

The British cardiac Foundation recently advised cardiac patients to practice yoga. Yoga reduces stress, anxiety, and sadness, which benefits your heart. The heart benefits most from these five asanas.

After you exhale, get your left hand as near to your ankle as possible, making sure to touch your shin. Pinch your chin in as much as you can and simultaneously raise your right arm so that your fingers point upwards.

After that, observe your right hand while taking two to three deep breaths and focusing your gaze upward. The next step is to repeat the process on the other side of the object.

Position yourself such that your tummy lies on top of your thighs and your nose is nestled snugly between your knees. After a few seconds of this, return to your starting location.

To do this, kneel down, place your right foot near your left hip, and lower your right knee to the mat. Join your right leg and left ankle together.

Now raise your right arm upward, flex your elbow, and see if you can interlace your index and middle fingers. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds before switching sides.

To raise your chest, place your hands on your shoulders and press down on the ground. Lift your hips higher by engaging your legs and buttocks. Revert to your regular posture after holding this position for four to eight breaths.

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