This article provides a rating of the astrological partnerships that have become the most prosperous.

Astrology: What makes some signs the finest zodiac lovers? Just about anything. For one, your zodiac sign reveals your inner self and predicts your romantic tendencies. Here's a look at the type of lover you and your crush are likely to be in a relationship.


Aries also doesn't back down from a battle. As a thrill-seeker, an Aries may arrive at your door at midnight with movie tickets or suddenly take you on a romantic excursion between work weeks.


Taurus is slow and steady, so you may need to push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to take a risk. A devoted, solid partnership delivers inner fulfillment.


Looking to get swept off your feet? Find a Gemini. Life with a Gemini is unpredictable due to their split personalities. Expect lengthy, passionate gazes and a difficult night in the boudoir.


The emotionally fragile Cancerian may not be the first sign you think of when you think of a romantic partner, yet underneath their reticent demeanor is a sea of intense desire.


'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,' Ariana Grande sang, as if she were performing for an assembled group of Leos. A true stalwart, Leo will not give up lightly and will go to great lengths to win someone over with their extravagant displays of affection.


A Virgo's selflessness is a visible manifestation of their love. They won't try to wow you with their flirtatious antics, but they will pay close attention to your every want and emotion, and they will never be afraid to let you be the boss.


Love may be easy for Libra, but commitment may be a bit of a challenge. Their loving attitude is just as focused on the physical as it is on the emotional after they've decided to dive in.


A Scorpio's passionate hurricane of love might sweep you away if you're ready to surrender control. No more heartbreaking tales of "the one that got away"; when a Scorpio sets their eyes on someone, they don't waste time letting go.


Get ready for an exciting journey since spontaneity is Sagittarius's game. They have an innate curiosity for new experiences and are never satisfied with mundane tasks, so you'll never get bored in their company.


A Capricorn may not be the most expressive person, but they will always find a way to make you feel special and valued. They want to take things slowly and passionately, so be prepared to feel all the feelings since they aren't big on hurrying things.


Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius isn't the worst when it comes to accepting love and being open about how they feel. Once they're interested in you, they won't be shy about showing you their tender side.    


It is hardly surprising that Pisces is leading the pack, given that they are the zodiac's hopeless romantics. Because of their sensitive nature and high level of emotional intelligence, they spare no effort when it comes to showing their affection.

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