Top Fashion Trends from Haute Couture Fashion Week

Fans of fashion, rejoice! The return of Fashion Week has left us excited and inspired by the runways. Haute Couture Fashion Week set the stage for a sartorial revolution with its mesmerising mix of classics and daring innovations. 

1. Bleu de France: A Timeless Elegance

Give your wardrobe a historical touch with Bleu de France. This 12th-century colour made a big comeback this season. Bleu de France pairs well with whites and neutrals for a summery brunch or shopping trip. 

2. Chunky Loafers: A Retro Revival

Loafers with chunky platform soles are inspired by Aldo Gucci's 50s designs. With jeans, trousers or a flirty mini skirt, these statement shoes elevate casual style. Try crystal embellishments, horse-bit buckles, and different textures and colours. 

3. Green Accessories: Nature’s Elegance

Bright handbags and acrylic sunglasses for summer adventures elevate your style. Try monochrome or brown, blue, white, or gold shades. Embellish neutral outfits with emerald green earrings or a necklace for a playful sophistication.

4. Headscarves: A Versatile Accent

The versatility of headscarves continues to captivate fashionistas. Headscarves perfectly suit any season, whether on a yacht or at work. Turn a bandana into a headband or chic ponytail accessory. 

5. Metallic Fabrics: Shimmering Sophistication

Celebrate your uniqueness with metallic fabrics, returning to fashion's forefront. Stand out with shiny blues, purples, or pinks. Traditional shades are safe. Metallic fabrics pair well with dark accessories and chunky necklaces and earrings. 

6. Oversized Boyfriend Blazers: Timeless Chic

Why deviate from perfection? Seasonal favourites include oversized boyfriend blazers. Pair these blazers with jeans and a white tee for classic elegance. For flirtiness, wear them with a floral dress and knee-high or combat boots. 

7. Pajamas Fashion: Effortless Elegance

Pyjama fashion defies convention. Inspired by last year's stay-at-home looks, this trend is sensual and fun. Fashionable satin PJs with an oversized trench coat and layered accessories. Consider wearing a similar shirt, satin or linen trousers and chunky boots as nightclothes. 

8. Yellow Handbags: A Burst of Sunshine

A bright yellow handbag, a seasonal trend, exudes positivity and style. Yellow handbags add energy to monochrome or black-and-white outfits. For an elegant look, pair it with Bleu de France or lilac. Make a bold yet elegant fashion statement by matching shoes and accessories in the same bright colour.

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