top-selling American cuisine

The most popular American cuisine vary by area, trend, and customer choice. However, some US favorites and top-selling meals include:


It comes in a plethora of forms and variants to cater to varied preferences, making it a popular option all around the country.




Burgers, an iconic American dish, are ubiquitous in today's restaurant and fast food scenes.




French fries are a popular accompaniment to burgers and other burger-based dishes.


French Fries:


The popularity of chicken meals, such as fried chicken, grilled chicken sandwiches, and nuggets, is always high.




Sandwiches, in all its varieties (subs, deli, and grilled cheese included), are a national favorite because of their adaptability and personalizability.




With its endless flavor options, ice cream never fails to be a customer favorite and a popular dessert choice.


Ice Cream:


Many Americans thoroughly appreciate Mexican-inspired cuisine such as tacos, burritos, and nachos.


Mexican Food:

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