Underinflated kicking balls were used in Patriots-Chiefs game, according to report

Imagining it as Deflategate II is entertaining, albeit it isn't really accurate.

The official kicking balls used in Sunday's Chiefs vs. Patriots game at Gillette Stadium were reportedly underinflated, according to Mark Daniels of MassLive.com.

Between 12.5 and 13.5 psi is considered acceptable. The balls' pressure readings were 11 at halftime. In the second half, the balls were inflated to the correct pressure.

Field goals attempted by Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker and Patriots kicker Chad Ryland in the first half were both missed, perhaps due to underinflation. Butker has never missed a field goal or extra point this season until Sunday.

Daniels states,  informed the refs they were a touch under inflated or they felt that way.  referring to an anonymous source. "At halftime, they confirmed and obviously put air in them."

The two teams' playing balls are kept separated from the kicking balls. 

There is no team that is to blame if the balls are either under- or overinflated.

The Patriots reportedly returned the first kickoff after noticing something was wrong since it only went as far as the three-yard line.

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