Where to beat someone to inflict the greatest agony, according to scientific research, for the purpose of self-defense

A society in which knowing how to protect oneself is no longer a choice but rather a need is the world in which we live.

You should be able to protect yourself in the event that you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself, even if it is not a good idea to engage in a full-blown physical battle merely for the excitement of it. This is the reason why it is referred to as "self-defense."

One can study self-defense and martial arts like kickboxing and karate. At the same time, you must distinguish between movie battles and real-life clashes. No backups or aliens (jaadu) will assist you combat the bully or harasser.

A nose punch is uncomfortable and requires little pressure. Its terrible agony might confuse the attacker. You may easily break a person's nose with a little pressure, distracting them enough to escape away.

Punching the attacker's jaw base does a lot of harm. Quick motions can knock people out and damage their brains. Best part? You only need to hit hard, not accurately.

You know how uncomfortable it is to accidently damage your throat base. Imagine a full-force punch to the trachea. It can kill and inflict severe agony. Punching someone in the throat base might knock them unconscious since the throat is sensitive.

An obvious choice. We were taught to kick strangers in the nuts in perilous situations. A straight kick or hit to the crotch can be devastating and make the attacker submit. This allows you to smack the adversary in the head and flee.

Attacking the chin is like pounding the jaw. The attacker's brain may be shaken and bewildered. The jawline has a bundle of nerves, therefore hitting someone's chin can jerk their head backwards. This causes control loss and may make the attacker collapse.

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