Which impact of sleep deprivation on belly fat.

Sleep deprivation may cause belly obesity through numerous mechanisms:

Sleep deprivation alters hunger and appetite hormones. With poor sleep, ghrelin, which drives appetite, rises while leptin, which indicates fullness, falls. 

Sleep-deprived people may eat more calories, especially snacks and late-night meals. Sleep deprivation can impair brain decision-making, leading to unhealthy dietary choices.

Sleep loss impairs glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This can raise blood sugar and cause the body to store surplus energy as fat, especially in the abdomen.

Sleep loss promotes the stress response, increasing cortisol production. Elevated cortisol levels increase abdominal fat.

Fatigue from lack of sleep may reduce physical activity and exercise. Tired people are less likely to exercise, which can lead to weight increase and belly fat.

Food Habits Late at Night: Sleep-deprived people may nibble late at night, which can add calories. Uneven sleep habits can disturb the body's circadian cycle, which affects metabolism and weight growth.

Sugar and Fat appetites: Sleep deprivation increases sugar and fat appetites. These foods can cause belly weight gain.

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