Winter friendly plants for your outdoor space. (Part-2)

Winter-friendly plants can beautify your garden even in winter. Some options:

Heathers: These evergreen bushes add winter color and texture. Their green, copper, and red hues vary.

Winter pansies (Viola wittrockiana) are cold-tolerant since they were bred for winter.

Many ornamental grasses preserve their structure and color throughout winter, adding visual interest. Fountain Grass, Switchgrass, and Blue Fescue are examples.

Mahonia: This evergreen plant blooms fragrant yellow in late fall and early winter. Also famous for its architectural foliage.

Winter Daphne (Daphne odora): Late winter blossoms are aromatic. It is transplant-sensitive, so be careful.

Cyclamen: These low-growing plants have pink, crimson, and white upswept flowers. Like well-drained soil.

Consider your climate, soil, and sunlight while choosing winter garden plants. Proper mulching also protects plants in winter.

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