With Aaron Rodgers on the roster, Jets fullback Nick Bawden is left off.

Aaron Rodgers wants to practice with the Jets despite not playing in 2023. A colleague was fired Wednesday due of Rodgers's practice field obsession.

Rodgers replaced Nick Bawden on the 53-man roster when the Jets dismissed him.

If Rodgers didn't want to practice, the Jets wouldn't have released a player. Now Bawden goes to waivers. He may join the Jets' practice squad if unclaimed.

Naturally, someone else was released.

Rodgers's willingness to practice without playing costs him that much. NFL rosters are zero-sum. To keep Rodgers at practice, someone had to go.

Some ask why Rodgers has to be on the 53-man roster. He wants to train until 2024. The question is whether they could have given him the work without burning a roster slot.

If so, the Jets declined. One roster place will go to a non-player for the rest of the season. No way the Jets will make the playoffs, therefore it doesn't matter

Except for Nick Bawden.

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